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WebP (Web Picture)

WebP (WebP Image) is a bitmap graphic image format. Google has released a new image file format for web pages under the extension (* .webp). This format compresses images by 50-70% more than the usual formats, and the quality of graphics does not suffer. WebP can store much higher quality images than older graphic formats, which is undoubtedly an advantage.

The format uses the open codec VR8, as well as the RIFF container, which creates good potential for further improvement. This format offers a modern solution for website developers, as pages will load faster without sacrificing graphic quality. The format is supported by most modern browsers today.

Some users call these images Weppy files. The main practical use of the Weppy file is to create graphics based on Web applications. The WebP format is essentially aimed at creating smaller, better looking images that can help make the Internet faster. A lossy WebP system uses predictive coding to estimate the standard color values of adjacent pixels. If you are concerned that your .webp files may not be open to everyone, try converting them to a more common format such as PNG.

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PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

PNG is a raster format for storing graphic information using lossless compression using the Deflate algorithm. PNG was created as a free format to replace another popular format at that time, which was distributed under a closed license. The PNG format is positioned primarily for Internet use and graphics editing.

The biggest advantage of the PNG format is, of course, the new compression algorithms. The PNG format uses lossless compression to improve image quality, but the file size remains too large. For this reason, the format is used primarily by photographers. PNG gained widespread popularity and was highly regarded for its ability to provide good compression without loss of quality and support for an alpha channel, which opens up wide possibilities for creating effects.

We can say that the only drawback of PNG is the inability to save several images in one file, which does not allow using this technology to create animated images. For image editing, both professional and non-professional, PNG provides an excellent format, even for storing intermediate stages of editing. You can use any internet browser or graphics editor to open PNG files. Both the Windows platform and Mac OS have built-in mechanisms for viewing such images.

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Converting WebP to PNG

There are many ways to convert WebP to PNG. You can find and download offline converters on the Internet. This method can be a little long and inconvenient. An online WebP to PNG converter is much better for this. With it, you can turn a WebP image from Google into a more familiar PNG format in a matter of seconds, which is convenient for editing. No matter what your reason for converting one format to another, you can rest assured that you will be happy with the result.

WebP Advantages

  • WebP makes images take up much less disk space
  • Reduced compression and decoding times
  • It is a format that supports image transparency
  • And if that's not enough, it also supports animation
  • WebP has some advantages in terms of visibility in search results

WebP Disadvantages

  • Not all browsers support Webp
  • There is no way to load Webp in WordPress or Opencart directly in the CMS interface
  • Standard viewers on a computer usually do not accept the * .webp format and refuse to view pictures in it, you have to use third-party solutions
  • According to many experts, this format is already outdated and there are more progressive compression algorithms, but Google is promoting it in the first place

PNG Advantages

  • Almost unlimited number of colors in the image
  • Optional alpha channel support
  • Possibility of gamma correction
  • Two-dimensional interlaced scanning
  • The ability to expand the format with custom blocks (this is the basis, in particular, of APNG)

PNG Disadvantages

  • Lack of support for animation by default (inability to save multiple images in one file)
  • Large file size, and this negatively affects the site loading speed
  • This format is best used selectively for elements where high quality is required
  • PNG is also a bitmap image format, so when scaling such files you risk losing quality